This is how everyone will be ducking rubber bullets this festive. See photos.

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Source: Facebook.

A particular lady named Anastasia has posted a photo on her Facebook account, this picture has got so much attention an people were talking about it because most of them will be relating to it. This picture has grabbed so much attention since the country is canceled from attending some events. 

Photo: Facebook. 

When you take a look at those picture clearly, there is a guy there that looks like his wife, was throwing pots on him because of something wrong he did. This picture has got so much people talking because they don't mean it, the way it is on the picture. 

Screenshot: Facebook. 

This guy on the picture, seem to be someone that is annoying big time, that why he was thrown with those kind of property. People are saying that this is how they gonna be dodging bullets, when the, and the cops arrives at the events they will be posting during this festive. 

Photo: Facebook. 

People are really surprised about is dodging those pots, social media people are laughing an telling the owner of the post, that she will be caught because she don't know how to run. Everyone that will be attending illegal events should make sure they know their story. 

Photo: Facebook. 

They are putting the people that will be out on their prayers, because there won't be any fun because police will be all over, searching an arresting those people who are doing public drinking, not forgetting the ones that are driving while drunk to reduce car accidents.


Photo: Facebook. 

Social media people are laughing at this because, they never take somethings serious. The presidents has addressed that everyone should be home early, an he also mentioned that people shouldn't have to go to beaches, but some people have came with a plan of going to their village rivers. 

Here is what social media people are saying:

Screenshot cred: Facebook.

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Keep on sanitizing an also don't forget to wear your mask everyday. 

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