First Day Of October: Say These Prayers To Command God's Uncommon Favour Upon Your Life

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This is the first day of October 2021. In the book of Exodus 12:36, the Bible made us understand that;

"And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians."

Let's declare the following prayers for God's uncommon favor in the new month of October;

1. Father, relocate me from the place of disfavor to the place of favor and destiny. I shall not be an abandoned project in Jesus name.

2. My destiny shall not be diverted in Jesus name.

3. In Jesus name, you spirit of disfavor and rejection, I break your power my life.

4. Lord, create strategic opportunity for my uplifting in life in Jesus name.

5. I shall never miss my timing, season and chances in Jesus name. 

6. Helpers of my destiny arise.

7. Like Daniel and Esther of old, father, clothe me with the spirit of preference in the mighty name of Jesus. 

8. Everywhere I go, the favor of God will make me an irresistible attraction and acceptance.

9. Uncommon favor of God shall attend unto all my requests, applications and prayers and appearances in Jesus name.

10. Where others have been rejected, I shall be accepted, where they have been abused and condemned, I shall be praised and commend, where they have failed, I shall succeed, and where they have been tolerated, I shall be celebrated because of God's aroma of favor on me.

11. My destiny shall never be wasted in Jesus name.

12. Thou favor wind that blows Joseph, Esther, and Daniel to their correct destinies, blow over me in Jesus name.

13. O thou God of grace and mercy, intervene in my destiny in Jesus name.

14. Dear holy spirit, please always give me a spiritual network of prayers.

15. My prayer requests will not go into the heavenly voice mail in Jesus name.

16. Lord raise for me, godly destiny supervisors.

17. Wind of destiny, blow me to the correct location for my allocation in life.

18. I break by fire every curse, spell, and covenant of disfavor in Jesus name.

19. Thank you father for your quick answers to my prayers of favor, which I receive by faith in Jesus name.


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