7 Key Things You Might Not Realise Needs to be Done When A Loved One Dies


Losing a loved is the worst and traumatic thing that can happen to us. Moreover, it can affect us both emotionally and financially, since it's accompanied by burial costs which is unforthcoming.Due to this, we're unable to think straight. However,as you are preparing to give your loved one a perfect send off, there are also formalities that should be included in your arrangements.

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1.Close Bank accounts

Notifying the bank on the loss of your loved one is something that should be added on your checklist. Contrariwise, this should be done as soon as you get the death certificate. You may or may not be able to get access to the funds, as this will depend on your relationship with the deceased, and the amount of money in their accounts.


2.Inform the deceased's creditors

Check which creditors need informing and anything that needs cancelling. Since, the relatives won't be liable, any outstanding debts may need to be cleared.This, however, should be done after a death certificate is issued.


3.Call the landlord

This only applies if the deceased did not own his own property, and was living in rented accommodation. The property's owner needs to be notified of the loss.So as to check on the rent arrears, or if there's a refund that needs to be done.


4.Take care of social media

You might not think of making arrangements for this, until a painful birthday reminder from your loved one via the platform pops up. However, these accounts can hold so many precious memories.While you have an option of terminating them,you can also choose to memorialise them.Thus all of the past photos and content will remain to help friends and family reminisce on the good times, but it will stop anyone from being able to log out.


5.Contact Utility Company

Electricity, insurance and water providers need to be contacted. You may need to settle any outstanding debts, or you could be due to a refund depending on how their bills are paid. Furthermore, you also need to locate the meters so that you are able to provide a final reading. Hence, they can be stopped and prevent the bills from further accumulating.


6.Return passport and driving licence

You will also be required to send off the deceased driving licence and passport. Moreover, this should be done as soon as possible after receiving the death certificate.


7.Notify Employer

If your loved one was working before his or her untimely death, their employer needs to be notified. As well as letting them know their employee won't be returning to work.Furthermore,the employer needs to inform you of any deceased's outstanding wages


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