JUV VS ROM: Why VAR Refused To Cancel Referee's Decision On Abraham's Goal In The 43rd Minutes

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One of the role of the video Assistant Referee in football is to make or correct the Referee in taking some decisions like Goal, Offside, Penalty and Foul play during the match. The VAR decision not to correct or cancel the Referee decision on Tammy Abraham's goal in the first half of the game gave generated several reactions.

It was an entertaining match between the two teams who showed class throughout the 90 minutes of the game. Jose Mourinho's boys were outstanding from the beginning of the match to the end but lack of good goal scoring.

Juventus scored the only goal of the match through Moise Kean in the 16th minutes of the first half. The Italian International was impressive and tormented AS Roma defense before scoring the goal.

Moise Kean could have doubled the lead for his team but failed to convert a clear but chance few minutes after he scored the first goal.

Tammy Abraham thought he had scored the equalizing goal for his team only for the Referee to cancel the goal and award a penalty for Roma.

Juventus defender brought down the Roma player but the Referee was not aware that Tammy Abraham is going to score the goal before sounding the whistle for a penalty.

It should have been play on but the Referee already sounded the whistle for a foul before Tammy Abraham scored the goal. Many people have criticised the Video Assistant Referee for but cancelling the Referee's decision on Tammy Abraham's goal.

The VAR was right not to cancel the Referee's decision because it was a clear penalty and the Referee sounded the whistle for a penalty before Tammy Abraham scored the goal.

Juventus goal keeper dived to the right direction to save Jeretout penalty immediately the Tammy Abraham's goal was cancelled.

Roma could not get the equalizing goal throughout the second half of the game because of the strong defensive tactics by Juventus.

Do you think the VAR was right not to review the incident?

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