I Was The Devil My Pastors Were Casting And Binding in Night Vigil, Now I Am Working For Them - Lady


She said she secretly worked for the people and told her clients not to mention her name because she didn't want the priest and his people to become dwarves.

He goes to the river at night to work and opens his Facebook page to preach about Jesus Christ. Then he praised her for being a good girl and a girl from the church. But now he has become the demon he believes they threw and tied up in the Night's Watch.

She added that the day she came to her Facebook page to talk about her life, everyone was talking against her and preventing her from becoming an angry woman. But now these pastors and parishioners have opened it and come to her to work for them.

This is what she said.


I remember years when I cared so much about what people thought or said of me.

Then all opinions are taken into account. I don't even care about my own feelings as long as people continue to see me as being obedient and calm. I stepped forward and was going to try to exhale a different opinion that would choke me off, but I didn't dare to react because I wanted to be a good girl.

I practice spiritualism in a closet. I will work for people and tell them not to say my name because I don't want to be seen as a dwarf haha. I secretly went to the river, performed my rituals, and went online to write about Jesus and heaven because many of my friends at the time were pastors and members of the various churches I attended during the search.

So I was afraid of them when I saw that I had finally chosen what they called evil. Just like we throw and tie ghosts from there every night watch.

So I always post what will make them happy. I remember that after doing spiritual work for someone in this way, I went to Facebook and wrote about myself that I had spiritual power and that I was hiding that I had to open a church or start a service. I've seen the post and I'm in a hurry and I'm blocking it so my friends don't see the post. I really care about how people see me and I want to stay in that lie as long as they see me as a good person.

Then one day I got tired of all the lies about myself. I know that I was created for something greater, and if I continue on the path I choose, I will never be truly happy in life and have an unfulfilled purpose in life.

Do you know what I did? I numb people's ears and start listening. Then I realized that I was alive and that I believed lies, I kept telling myself. That I am a good girl for everyone.

I wrote about the 2018 Resurrection. Pastor friends and parishioners flooded my mailbox asking me to delete posts that didn't describe the good girl in me. That I shouldn't surrender to the devil etc. And do you know what I did? I ignored everything.

Then when I first posted my video on the river, hell was set free. I became the devil they threw and tied up. Most of my church members rushed to the incoming mail to remind me how I was going to miss the flow of milk and honey in the sky and then block me haha. I purposely didn't want to be the one in their way. I allow them to satisfy their egos by giving them the final satisfaction that stands in my way.

I go on and on. I lost some friends but gained many more, now I have real friends who love me because of me. I still have real friends Kristan who really love me with actions, whatever they are. I also have those who will get Jesus' permission to ask for my money when they die and come back to avoid me after I give them money.

Now I can post what I want and have it again. Some of these people, including the pastor who preached and blocked me and then unblocked me, I have now worked for them. Does the crane work for multiple people? Some of my former parishioners who stopped talking to me, I also worked for them and took some of them to the river for their work.

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