House, Property Burnt Down In Nasarawa Town, See Photos.

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It pains my heart as I witnessed a natural incident that took place this evening at Nasarawa Toto, Nasarawa state as Man's house by name Ibrahim Kabiru was burned down due to light sparked. According to the eyewitness, Ibrahim children and his three wives were inside the house when the light sparked from the connection. One of his son went out to checked, then he saw smock coming out from the building.

It was gathered that, Ibrahim Kabiru was not at home to eradicate the situation on time. So his wives shouted and called the nearby neighborhood for help. People gathered at the compound but the building was seriously burning down. One of Ibrahim wife, called the husband to notified him what was happening in the house with a loud cry. So Ibrahim quickly called the attention of fire service men. Very unfortunately the fire service men arrived lately when the situation is out of control.

It's very important to know that, fire service men tried their best alongside with people around, but the building was seriously burning down. The amazing story about the fire service people that came, they were not having enough water. Neighbours have to look for those Hausa boys selling truck of water. They brought 6 trucks of water but yet, it was not enough and it was too late when everything inside the house has burned down.

It was reported that this is the second time this incident happened to Ibrahim Kabiru. The first time he lost everything in the house but no live was lost. This second one that happened this evening, Ibrahim also lost everything but no live was lost. Glory be to God.

See more photos of the incident that happened below:

Friends, please let's pray for the family of Mr. Ibrahim Kabiru. The greatest challenge now is, where are they going to stay? Three wives and 12 children. May God see them through at this moment of trial.

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