If you enter a hotel room do these 3 things to spot a hidden camera, someone may be spying on you


Many people visit hotel rooms without conducting thorough investigations into the degree of privacy and reputation of the hotels they book.

Many charlatans can install hidden CCTV cameras in hotel rooms in order to record the privacy of customers who happen to stay there.

In order to rob wealthy businessmen and women, some armed robbers conceal cameras in order to spy on and monitor their conversations.

To prevent potential threats and extortion, it is critical that you be extremely diligent in locating these cameras.

When you enter or book a hotel room, switching off the lights or turn off all the switches, and check the room with your smartphone's front camera.

A red dot will appear on your phone's screen and beep if there is a hidden camera.

They also attempt to deceive people by concealing these cameras in unassuming locations such as switches and smoke detectors.

If you see a teddy bear in an unexpected location, use the method above to see if it has a camera by wrapping your phone around it.

You can also check for two-way mirrors to determine whether they are opaque or translucent, since someone may be watching you through them.

Be alert and ask the hotel for any wires or cords lying around without a clear link to a source, as it may be a surveillance camera.

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