Jackie Matubia's Grand Baby Shower and Gender Reveal

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The young and vibrant Queen in the time has been the talk of the town after her surprise baby shower. Jackie Matubia alias Nana of Zora actress had a one of a kind baby shower. She was treated to a very colourful baby shower by her friends and fiancee Blessing Lung'ao. Blessing proposed recently to her and their are rumours that the two could walk down the aisle soon.

The grand baby shower was attended by both her female and male friends. The vibes and happiness of of the day can be seen in some videos or her Youtube channel. The team danced and had all fan games. The MC of the event was none other than Terence creative.

Jackie could be seen dressed in a her pink maxi dress and later changed to her second outfit. A purple dress that made her appear the African queen she is.

Care Actress and Mr Seed also performed in the event. Size 8 moved Jackie to tears while speaking blessings in her life. Everybody could be seen excited and happy.

We as her fans do wish her all the best and a safe delivery. May God see her through. For those interested watch the video below of how the baby shower went down.


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