Innocent Sadiki Aka Sthoko #Skeem Saam Captures Moments While At The Dead Sea In Israel

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Innocent Sadiki Aka Sthoko from Skeem Saam captures moments while at the Dead Sea in Israel

As we all know innocent Sadiki is a well known Actress called sthoko from Skeem saam.

She is the first born child of mantuli and she is divorced and has one son called Clement.

Sthoko is a very humble woman on set and off set.

She is married to a pastor in real life which also makes her a pastor.

Innocent Sadiki had a twin also called Millicent mashile and they are both happily married.

Innocent recently shared pictures of her in her trip or vacation in Israel where she also got baptized where Jesus was baptized.

She share pictures of her wearing a bikini at the Dead Sea sharing her moments.

In life is always good to explore life and just be happy and have fun while you at it because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

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