Great News to all Safaricome Users as New Announcement Emerging

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Good for attempting to beat the escalating interest rates on the lucrative mobile money lending platform, particularly for bulk purchasers.

However, it is a wooing bait with guaranteed effects against the commercial lender's pool's relative market share. The bait is in the phrase "for how long" as well as the terms and conditions.

With such a covert marketing strategy, the money and capital markets may be thrown into disarray. We anticipate legal action to force Safcom to register and operate a bank or cooperative regulated by CBK in order to have a level playing field in the money market.

Like a pyramid scheme or crypto currency, the first people to claim credit benefit the most. Safaricom is aware that Kenyans are high on adrenaline.A man's selfishness prevents him from involving others in money-making deals; if someone invites you to such a party, you are the source of the money. Please provide this information. What are your thoughts on this message? I am now left out by a comment.

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