30 Romantic Names for your Girlfriend

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In every relationship it is a thing of joy to address your better half with a sweet or romantic name. As a matter of fact, ladies appreciate it more in a relationship because they are highly emotional. The affection generated when we use romantic names in a relationship cannot be emphasized. So why not take your time and study these 30 Romantic Names you can consider calling your girlfriend.

Below are the 30 Romantic Names for your Girlfriend;

1. Babe

2. Love

3. Beautiful

4. Princess

5. Buttercup

6. Cutie pie

7. Dream girl

8. Lovebug

9. Sunshine

10. Sweetheart

11. Precious

12. Honey

13. Darling

14. Sweet honey pie

15. My dear

16. Apple of my eyes

17. One and only

18. Angel

19. Pumpkin

20. Sugar

21. Beloved

22. Queen

23. Doll

24. Candy

25. Cookie

26. Honey bee

27. Lollipop

28. Cutie

29. Cuddles

30. Giddles

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