How do you expect a kid to draw you perfectly: Netizens blast teacher after she marked a kid wrong

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A kid has got the social media excited after a picture of his artwork broke out unto the internet. Looking at the picture, you get to understand that it was an art class and they were asked to draw their teacher. Well, looking at the drawing of the kid, there is no doubt you will automatically laugh upon first sight.

He tried his best by paying attention to important details about his female teacher. I am impressed by how creative he is and don't know why his teacher thinks otherwise. Well, below is a picture of what he drew;

Here is the reason why I think this kid did his best. From the picture, he made sure to bring all the important parts of the body. You don't expect a little kid to draw his teacher as exactly as he sees her but at least, bringing the important parts is a plus.

This kid had noticed his teacher has a huge backside with a protruded tummy and decided to make it evident. He brought her legs, nose, eyes mouth, legs and even, hair. The only thing he missed was her ears and so, I don't know why the teacher is pissed off. Netizens have had their laugh and their say on this picture. Let us take a look at them;

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