3 Signs He Is The One God Has For You

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I have heard this question countless times, mostly from single Christian sisters. "How do I know he's God's Will for me? How do I know God wants me to be in this relationship? The truth here is that God speaks to man. And God speaks in adverse ways through different means. It's now left for you to know the mean and the way through which God speaks to you. In this article, I will discuss 3 ways by which you can know if he is God's Will for your life.

1. If The Relationships Glorifies God

One way you can know if God wants you to be with a man is if the relationship does not compromise your relationship with God. If the relationship helps to strengthen your relationship and walk with God. A man God has for you will have the same desire you have for God. He will encourage you in your walk with God and not discourage you.

2. If You Make Each Other Better

Another way to know if God wants you to be with a man is if you two make each other better in every area of your life. One truth about every relationship is that it can either mar you or make you. If the relationship you are in is making you better in every way and you are also able to be a source of encouragement, motivation, and browsing for your partner. Then you can be sure God is involved in your affairs.

3. If You Engage in More of Spiritual Activities Carnal Activities

Another way you can know if he's the one God has for you is if you both engage in more spiritual activities. Spiritual activities mean praying together, evangelizing, attending church activities, and every other spiritual and Christian outings. And carnal activities mean just romance, cuddling, and all of that. Your relationship should not be built only on carnal activities but spiritual activities. 

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