Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi Enters the Nairobi Gubernatorial Race


The Nairobi gubernatorial race 2022 is likely to attract the high and mighty in the country. The latest to join the race is Westlands ODM legislator Tim Wanyonyi. MP Wanyonyi has said that he has experience as a city legislator and therefore has all it takes to run the country's capital county.

However, MP Wanyonyi has mentioned one important caveat, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services. According to MP Wanyonyi, he will not proceed with this plan to vie for Nairobi of the NMS will still be running the affairs of the city. The NMS term is expected to elapse after the next year's general elections. The NMS questions leaves alot of loopholes in control the most populous and economically viable.

Tim Wanyonyi was elected to parliament in 2013 and is serving his second term in office. According to him, he is in touch with the electorates and understand the development needs of Nairobi residents. However, the legislator will still need to get a nomination from his ODM party before he can realise his dreams.

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