Is Shudu getting special treatment? People are not happy.

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Shudu recently graduated from the WITS University. She was the only one graduating that day and she shared that on her Instagram page and Twitter account. She said 'after my virtual graduation today, I had an interview opportunity with VC Prof Zeblon Vilakazi and of course I went in my grad attire. This pandemic has led to trying times and uncertainty for everyone. To all Stu who had to persevere even in the least ideal times... phambili, Congratulations to the class of 2020.' A lot of people were happy for her, congratulating her on graduating. But some were not happy at all.

They asked why is she the only one who's graduating while there are tons of students who also want to graduate.

Some said she's getting special treatment just because she is miss South Africa 2020.

Some said that the WITS University is not fair, it is not thinking of the future of other students, they are looking down on them because they are not in the same level as Shudu. Some said she is miss SA 2020 she can do anything, even graduating while others don't.

A lot of people are not happy that she was even allowed to go to the University to graduate while others don't, they also want to granted the opportunity also, why is she getting special treatment? Is she really getting special treatment just because she is miss SA 2020? The question still remains. A lot of people wanted to graduate but they couldn't because of the Corona, but she did because she's miss SA 2020.

Was this even fair to others?

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