Ginger, Garlic, Onion And Why You Should Eat Them Raw To Cure Flu And Covid-19 (Opinion).


(Courtesy)For many years in now, flu has been a common thing in many countries, sometimes it's brought about by changing weather's such as in cold seasons and at times in very high sunny seasons which create alot of dust.

In the recent time though, a new flu like sickness has come up by the name of covid-19 whose symptoms have a tiny margin with the common one that's experienced and it's treatment is closely to it since the exact cure has not yet been found. In the old times when people were not much into modern medicine, they used to drink a boiled mixture of garlic, ginger and lemon to help out ease their situation.

The reason as to why I am advocating for the use of this three products at their raw state is because covid alongside flue are being associated with bacteria as in their treatments antibiotics are included. This three food products according to research are antioxidants and good at getting rid of bacteria in the body. Researchers carry out their investigations without interfering with the original state in which they are and once subjected to heat, they loose a bit of content.

Hope these information will help out someone out there. Feel free to leave your comments, complains or suggestions.