Police searched a house in Orania and were left completely mind blown after what they found

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Police in Hopetown have secured the successful arrest of a 48 year old man at his house in near Orania this comes after they made a shocking discovery of Explosives in his possession.

According to the saps news report, today 1 December 2021 police received intelligence information from an anonymous source about a man who is in possession of dangerous Explosives, the information given led them to a house near Orania where the alleged suspect lives.

Police proceeded to conduct a raid the premises of the property and this led them to make a shocking discovery of homemade Explosives and illegal ammunition, the 48 year old suspect was immediately arrested and charged for being in illegal possession of ammunition and unauthorised explosives.

He is expected to soon make an appearance at the Hopetown Magistrates’ court to face the charges.

Police commend the informer who gave information which led to the arrest of the suspect, unauthorised explosives are often used in ATM bombings and Cash in Transit heists.


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