How Israel-Palestinian Antagonism Is Changing Social Media Platforms


The conflict between Israel and Palestine seems to be taking over social media platforms. In accordance with verifieble reports, many social media users have shifted their focus to the two countries which have become the centre of discussions.

A Chinese based video app is among the key platforms for sharing news from the two countries in holistic relations. It is estimated that the app hosts about 700 million active users in a month across the globe.

Viral videos of a rocket fire over Israel and destruction in Gaza have travelled worldwide through the site. This has spread the conflict to people's phone screens around the world.

The dangers of social media platforms spreading falsehoods or extremism about the conflict is highly rated. It was noted that the latest fighting between Israel and Palestine broke out after tensions played out on TikTok. Some social media users have been posting videos under the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah, following threats that emerged to evict Palestinian families around East Jerusalem.