High Hopes as Kangogo Now Tells Detectives Her Fear Before Surrendering


Corporal Caroline Kangogo has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.She has been missing since Monday last week when she is believed to have killed fellow officer John Ogweno in the Western town of Nakuru.

She is then thought to have travelled more than 100 miles to lure another victim,Peter Ndwiga Njiru and booked him to a hotel where she allegedly shot him in the head thus killing him instantly.Since then,the armed and dangerous officer has been in her hideouts with her whereabouts still remaining a mystery.

There have been reports that she was seen with the men she killed prior to the killings.Unfortunately,she is said to be still looking for other victims.

Police have put frantic search for her.However,Caroline has now spoken from her hideout.As reported by Kenyans.co.ke,she has told the police detectives her fear before she surrenders to the authorities.She has feared being detained in any police station due to the extra judicial killings in the police cells.

This evolving situation is an indication that the fugitive is possibly soon surrendering to the authorities.The police will probably find the best way to let Kangongo feel that she will not get tortured in the cells.Stakes are now high for the traumatised families left behind by the dead gentlemen.

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