Now we Wait for Malema's Supporters to Defend their Messiah


The string of allegations against Malema forced him to emerge with a rare Afro to defend himself. In an intense media briefing yesterday, Malema dismissed all these allegations. I'm sure his supporters were the first to believe their leader. Despite these compromising allegations against him, Malema still enjoys blind loyalty from his supporters. Him and other politicians. These scandals linking him to VBS looting did nothing to weaken his position.

Whether the allegations are true or not, his supporters secretly know that all politicians are the same. They know Julius Malema is no different. They will stick with their Messiah through thick and thin. Appearantly associating yourself with Julius Malema has its benefits.

What we can expert from the EFFs loyal followers is another chorus of support. In fact, they might even stage a protest in the streets of Pretoria to pledge their support for Malema. Now we wait. We wait for the inevitable. Malema's supporters are going to emerge guns blazing ready to defend their leader who is facing a cloud of allegations.

That's politics for you. This VBS cloud will continue to hang over the EFF mansion, but it will not weaken the support EFF enjoys. Loyalty is a must in this drama of semi left wing politics.