Ringtone Leaves Hospital In An Ambulance To Attend His Court Case Against Robert Alai In Kibera


[Photo courtesy]

Popular gospel musician Ringtone Apoko is on his way to Kibera Law Courts where he will attending a court case against blogger Robert Alai who allegedly assaulted him a couple of days ago. Ringtone took to his social media platform to post a photo of himself on a stretcher inside an ambulance making his way to Kibera captioning "Ringtone Is Leaving Hospital Headed to Court for His Case Against Robert Alai. Its From 9am at Kibera Law Court Nairobi All Are Welcome 🙏."[Photo courtesy]

After the incident Ringtone has been in and out of hospital due to the injuries inflicted on his head and he has been seeking his followers to pray for him due to the excruciating pain especially on his head. However, he has urged his followers to keep calm and wait for law to take its course after he reported the incident to the police which saw Alai arrested but later released.[Photo courtesy]

We wish Ringtone a quick recovery as he continues to recuperate from his injuries. More to follow on the development of the court hearing.[Photo courtesy]

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