Can u forgive a lying boyfriend?


Can u forgive a lying bf?

Some people would say ''it's just a lie'' a lie can't really hurt, he doesn't drink,he doesn't womanize,he is calm,he is every other thing apart from truthful(that isn't a big problem).My sister if he begins to lie he can as well cheat n cover it up without u knowing.yes there r levels to lies but some lies can't be overlooked in a relationship.

A friend turned 22 recently n decided to give love a try,she met this guy who seemed like d perfect guy,m,caring,always calls,always texts her,in her little head she felt she had found true love.Time went by,weeks turned to months,months turned to a year.Now she felt she could trust him,little did she know he was hiding a lot from her,she eventually found out that he hid so much from her.she confronted him n all he could say was ''who told u'' no form of remorse whatsoever...

Liars r out there. Be careful with d choices u make. Lies shouldn't b overlooked.It's a redflag to look out for In relationships.FALL IN LOVE OH it's actually a nice feeling but make sure u take ur brain along..

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