Meet Talented Ghanaian Tv Presenter Who Raps In Korean Language In South Korea That Got Fans Talking


Life is about determination and being able to turn negative situations into positive ones. Victory and success is not won on a silver platter but through hard work and discipline.

Martin Luther King Once said "the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience, but in times of challenges and controversy." How this Ghanaian who suffered racism attacks in Korea was able to turn this unfortunate incidents into positive ones, truly deserves commendation and emulation.

Upon arrival in South Korea to study, Sam Otchere met stiff opposition of racism. He was however, not discouraged but worked assiduously to secure a job as a television presenter. He has now become popular and is known as the famous black man in South Korea. Aside TV Presentation, he exhibits these inborn quality of singing. His melodious voice has earned him s slot on radio and he appears on a host of variety shows.

He exhibits his rap talent in Korean and English languages, at times he blends it with twi the indigenous language of Akans. He is a star in Korea and hardly walks in town without being asked for autographs. Sam has really won the admiration of many and his success is known world wide.