5 Things You Should Not Tell Your Friends.

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As a man or woman, they are something you don't have to tell your friends no matter how close they are to you. Remember, everything on earth has limits, so you have to know the limits of your relationship with your friends. I will be telling you some things you should never tell your friends. 

1. Do not tell anyone you are traveling out of the country. 

When God has blessed you with an opportunity to travel out of the country, never you tell it to anyone only few of your close family member, because most friends today wants to be ahead of you in all aspects of life, and they can do on do to keep being ahead of you, so you have to keep some things to yourself and family members because these are the only people who will always have your back in life. 

2. Someone came to ask your hand in marriage. 

As a lady, if a man came to ask for your hand in marriage, you don't have to tell your friends about it, keep it to yourself till a date has been fixed for the traditional marriage and white wedding before you can let them know about what's going on. 

3. Your friends want to know your secret as a couple. 

You don't have to being out your family or relationship problems to your friend so you all cam talk about it, once they're asking of your marriage secret don't ever open up to them about it keep it to yourself, if you need advice look for a married and responsible woman to always ask for advice from her, and you will have the best marriage and home so far. 

4. Your husband having abroad plans to take you all abroad. 

Keep it to yourself till you all have left the country, and you can put a call across to them to tell them the good news, I sometimes know we all have a friend that become very close to us that we start seeing them as family, but we all just have to be careful and keep on praying to good, because some friends don't want us to be ahead of them in life. 

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