Miss Mandi Finally Bows To Pressure And Offers An Apology For Toxic, Bullying Allegations

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Mand Sarro aka Miss Mandi has finally bowed to pressure from netizens and come out to address the accusation of being toxic and a bully. The former radio presenter at One FM published a statement on her social media platform to apologize for her behavior.

In her apology, Miss Mandi noted that she has so far grown from her past and changed from who she was almost nine years ago when the trending incident happened.

The now popular YouTuber has been on top of the trending on social media platforms for the better part of the week after being accused of being toxic and a bully at the workplace.

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One of Mandi’s former colleagues called Koome Gitobu irked the whole bullying issue when he recounted how Miss Mandi bullied him, creating a toxic environment for him at One FM.

According to Mr. Gitobu, Mandi discriminated against him putting him down for not wearing trendy and not eating at high-end restaurants like other colleagues.

These accusations chagrinned netizens, provoking other people to come out to share their similar experiences.

According to Miss Mandi, the problems could have been taken care of in a better way if proper mechanisms were put in place.

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