Can Normal Intake Of Alcohol Be Beneficial To A Person's Health?

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"Stop drinking alcohol, it has no benefits to the body, it will destroy you". This is a popular saying amongst many persons, some people believe that even taking a bottle of drink can cause damages to a person's body, but what findings are there to back these unfounded claims up? None.

Alcohol is one thing that dates back to the first and second century. Even the bible doesn't condemn the intake of alcohol but it condemns excessive intake of alcohol. Scientifically also, excess intake of alcohol comes with numerous health hazards ranging from cardiovascular diseases to even cancer of various parts and organs in the body. But what does science say about moderate intake of alcohol i.e. drinking alcohol moderately? Are you aware that taking alcoholic drinks moderately can be beneficial to a person's body.

According to the report on mayo clinic, moderate alcohol intake has some advantages or health benefits to a person's body. But we can't just jump into conclusion, without getting to know what moderate alcohol intake entails.

What Does It Mean to Drink Alcohol Moderately?

According to research, a man should only drink a bottle or maximum two bottles of a drink that contains alcohol while a woman should not drink beyond a bottle of alcohol. If you stick to this verifiable recommendation, alcohol would actually be beneficial to your health. Below are some of the health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation;

1. Reduces a person's risk od developing and dying of a heart disease. It is also important to state that excess and protracted use of alcohol can cause heart diseases that can be fatal. So stick to the moderate level.

2. Moderate intake of alcohol can help reduce a person's risk of developing ischemic stroke. This is a deadly stroke that argue when the arteries to your brain becomes narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow to the brain.

3. It can also possibly reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

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Source: Mayo Clinic

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