Government Tells Parents They Cannot Run Away From Their Role in the CBC Education System

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The government through the Ministry of Education has called upon parents to embrace the new education system Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC), adding that they cannot avoid their roles.

Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ms. Sarah Rutto on Tuesday told the parents that they could not run away from their role in the children's education.

"Some people have raised concern that how does an illiterate parent will help their children with their assignment but illiteracy is not synonymous to stupidity," stated Ms. Rutto.

The CAS was speaking in Nairobi during an engagement forum on the CBC implementation progress. At the same, Ms. Rutto urged the CBC facilitators to be reasonable with the demands they posed to parents over the learners' requirements.

She further revealed that 228,000 teachers in primary schools have already been trained on the CBC between 2019 and February 2021.

Another 106,000 teachers will be trained during the second and last cohort of teachers in primary schools. Additionally, plans are also on top gear to train another 60,000 teachers who will handle those transiting to Junior Secondary School in 2022.

Transition to secondary school is set to happen in 2023. Education PS Prof. Julius Jwan also revealed that the system will be subject to review after five years.

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