10 Great Ghanaian musicians whose talents were exceptional.


Music is, and has always been, food for the soul. There have been many musicians who have over the years graced the entertainment stage but these ones would be difficult to forget.

10. Nana Kontinhene

Nana Kontinhene gave us danceable tunes like "Aketesia mese mafa wo la".

Another hit song of his was "Esi".

A lot of musicians will be forgotten with time but this dude will never be part of that flock.

9. Obour

Obour came into the scene with the brand of a superhuman. Ghanaians still remember his legendary track, " Obour ne ho ye huhuhuhu"

He later gave us "aboa konkontiba," shine your eyes," and others.

8.Reggie RockstoneWidely known to be the father of Hiplife; a Ghanaian music genre which blends Highlife with Hip Hop.

He is the exact definition of a genius.


He was initially known as "Batman" in the music fraternity.

"Linda" which he released in the early 2000's still remains his biggest hit.

6. Lord Kenya

He was prominent on stage, energetic and charismatic. He had a very successful music career before branching into full time Christian Ministry.

5. Kofi Kinaata

Clearly the youngest on the list, Kofi Kinaata's songs are pure, decent and fit for every and any occasion.

His hit songs include ; Things fall apart, Susuka, Confessions, etc

4. Castro

Castro (the Destroyer ) is the best ever male vocalist to grace the Hiplife scene.

His voice was silky, velvety and always melodious. His biggest songs include; Toffee, Sradenam,Back and front, Ghans girls, etc

3. Sarkodie

Sarkodie has been relevant and consistent in music for the past 12 years.

You would never get tired listening to him.

2. Okomfour Kwaadee

Kwaadee has the biggest brand ever. When the instruments start playing, you can easily tell its Okomfour Kwaadee's song even before he starts singing.

His story telling style of rap has not been imitated by anyone yet.

1. Obrafour

The Pastor of all Ghanaian rappers.

His maiden album, "Pae muka" which was released about 23 years ago is still the biggest Hiplife album in Ghana.

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