These simple things will make your room look stylish and classy.7 tips.


How your room looks is very important. If your room looks classy and stylish you will always feel comfortable inviting friends to your house. These simple things will make your room look so good:

1.A carpet and a ceiling.

A carpet will make your floor look good. Depending on your favourite colour get yourself a printed fabric carpet it will keep your feet warmer and your floor classic. A ceiling compliments your floor. Match your walls with your ceiling and your room will look beautiful.

2 lighting.

Lighting your room with a simple white bulb will make it look so much cool at night and for studying too. You can also get a neon yellow bulb it looks so classic and cool.

3 A painting.

To make your walls look impressive get a painting and Mount it on your walls. It can be your pictures in a flame rewinding memories or flowers to make your room look fresh.

4 Furniture.

A room cannot be complete without furniture. It doesn't have to be expensive but it should have a unique design matching your room. To make your room look classy get a classic furniture, a couch a table and a chair.

5 Curtains and sheets.

Your curtains should complement your walls and your bed sheets should look good and clean. Colours matter when choosing the type of curtains and sheets to put in your house. Don't colour clash too much. Maintain them to look good and stylish.

6 A wardrobe and a shoe lack.

These two will make your room look clean and organised. Hang and fold your clean clothes in a wardrobe and your shoes in a lack. Visitors will be impressed on how you organise your clothes and shoes.

7 Clean your room.

Clean your room and keep it organised. A clean and an organised room is a classy room. You can do this by cleaning your room regularly and keeping it organised.

These simple things will make you comfortable in your room and you will always receive compliments from your visitors. Stylish,clean and classy.