Uber eats customers left dissatisfied after one of the delivers was caught doing this

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The Uber eats customers have been left dissatisfied with the service they have been getting from the food delivering company, which led to them complaining on social media about the whole situation and also attaching videos and also pictures.

According to different customers, the Uber eats workers now have the tendency of delivering your food, however, when they get to the gate, they would place the food next to your gate and then take pictures and then leave with that food.

Now, one could wonder why they take pictures. Well, taking pictures is just an evidence that you did deliver the food and left it on the person's gate.

However, they have labeled that as a scam. One of the social media users stated that the food would later be sold at a 60% discount somewhere else.

Some raised their worry of the workers being underpaid and also under tipped.

Check out the comments:

(Source: https://twitter.com/chrisvick3/status/1486325504785453057?s=20)

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