Tips to Improve your self Defense in Dangerous Situations

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Walk away from walls

When you are waking towards a blind corner, do not stay too close to the wall. Create some space so that you can have some time to make decisions in case there is danger. Also you might be able to notice a person behind a corner before they even see you

Park your car in reverse

When in the parking lot, pack your car in reverse, this will not only make you feel calm but you will not have hard time getting out later. There are some situations where you have to leave faster and parking this way will help you in those moments

Right seat on public transport

In public transport, you don’t have to be worried if there are people in there but if it is not crowded, take your time to choose the right seat. The seats near the driver are believed to be safe and you can avoid being be cornered. Also do not stay too close to the door or open this windows too wide because someone might grab your belongings

How to stand in an elevator

If it is not crowded and maybe there are just two people, stand near the control buttons with your back on the sidewall in such a way that you can easily see the person in the elevator. Also if you suspect a person, another way of being safe is pushing as many buttons as possible.

Carrying flashlight

If you always come from work at night or other places, you should definitely carry a flashlight in your purse. Do not depend on the flash light on your phone because it might be very hard to switch it on in dangerous situations due to the process. A torch can help you have visual some few meters ahead of you and if it’s big enough you can use it to protect yourself

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