Accurate SEER warns of a coup and bloodshed in Equatorial guinea


The talk of the media houses the accurate Prophet from Southern Africa who prophesied death of Shona Ferguson;Menzi Ngubane;Minister Mthembu has set his sights on Equatorial guinea. In his yesterday prophecies he said the attempts to overthrow the president in 2004 will be executed successful now.

In a Prophecy released on his Facebook profile he warned of impending danger ahead in Guinea and possibility of bloodshed he went on to encourage people to pray for guinea.

Guinea has been under single leadership for 41 years and in 2004 a coup attempt failed to materialise and yield results as the rebel leader was forced to run into exile.

Mellontik Orasi is a worth to follow Prophet who speaks activities as they ought to be in the Spirit. His prophecy comes after fulfillment of his other prophecies of coup that came to pass.He correctly foresaw Zimbabwe and other coup that followed.


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