The Lakes Found On Mount Kenya

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Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and second highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro,it's highest peaks are batian,nelion and point lenana,the beautiful scenery include water falls,crater lakes, caves, gorges,tarn and glaciers,it is also full of ancient shrines where sacrifices were made by our forefathers near gigantic trees and caves.

Mount Kenya has 31 lakes,the small lakes are also called tarns,small mountain lakes formed as a result of melting of glaciers water collected form lakes or tarns.We have so much to learn about Mount Kenya we should not focus only on summiting to the top,among the lakes we have three largest lakes in this mountain here are the two we shall cover today.

1. Lake Michaelson.

This is among the largest lakes in Mount Kenya,its also called "the lake of the eye" in kikuyu language,it's spectacular lake and it lies in gorges valley just below point lenana and can easily be accessed through chogoria route.

2. Lake Ellis.

This was also known as "the lake of birth" in kikuyu,its also an animal migration route from Lewa and Meru plains during dry season animals flock along the lake to eat the green mountain grass,there also many caves around this lake and great camping sites.

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