Some interesting facts to know about our mothers


This article is a bit funny but of course our real daily life mother's .in our visinity we can take into consideration of some Aspiring moments with our mothers that relates to what it's stated below .

Above is our chef mama ,we all knows the aroma of our mamas soup .this kind of mother's give a delight and pleasant foods on the table each day .The love to be called good cooks These kind of mamas teaches the kids the importance of entertainment,they love to show off what they've got to please and love to be the known each and everywhere

Above is a picture teaching us about our Borga mama ,these parents are totally oriented to fashion ,they check their outlook and complain about our outfits alotThe headmistress mama is the most difficult mothers to cope with if you don't like studying.they always want to see you behind books and it seem exhausting

Underneath is our prayer mama who always want to be the holy one .They ensure true religion onto their kids and hates to see them among clowds


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