" My dad rushed me to the hospital after I got dumped. I nearly died because of Mjolo"-Lady says

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Breakups suck.They usually suck more for the one who got dumped. Ms Blue says after her ex dumped her, she had to google what he sent to confirm, even though she knew exactly what he meant. She says she couldn't do anything and her dad had to take her to the hospital because she was physically sick

"In 2016 this guy told me 'let’s call it quits,' i had to google what he meant and I started feeling cold, hot and having goosebumps at the same. I asked my colleagues to call my dad. He came to the office and rushed me to the hospital and I was admitted. The only thing I remember is i spent nights groaning and sighing, i couldn’t tell anyone it was because of mjolo.I can’t believe I nearly died because a man." She said.

"My favourite part is when you googled let's call it quits just to be 100% sure it didn't have a different meaning that you don't know about." Said @Tis1

"I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the part where you had to google what he meant." Said @SeengM.



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