5 Transfers That Led To Players Changing Their Positions

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Every manager put a player in a position that he feels he can perform better in. Here are the 5 transfers that led to players changing their position.

1. Raheem Sterling - The English winger played as right winger while at Liverpool. When he moved to Manchester City he started playing in the left wing. He scored scored 13 goals and gave 5 assists in the 2021/2022 English Premier League.

2. Juan Cuadrado - The Colombian footballer played as a right midfielder for Chelsea. When he moved to Juventus he started playing as right back. He has scored 4 goals and gave 4 assists in 2021/2022 Serie A season.

3. Toni Kroos - The German midfielder moved from central attacking midfielder to central midfielder when he joined Real Madrid from Bayern Munich in 2014.

4. Dries Martens - The Belgian forward shifted from left wing to centre forward when he joined Napoli from PSV. He scored 11 goals and gave 1 assist in Serie A 2021/2022 season.

5. Memphis Depay - The Dutch footballer changed from being a winger to centre forward when he joined Olympique Lyonnaise from Manchester United. He is currently playing for Barcelona.

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