‘Quamina MP Is A Fine Gentleman And I Love Him. '

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Beautiful and young sensational singer from Takoradi, Abna has professed her deepest emotions for the Ground Up Chale act, Quamina MP. She unveiled this news during her up

close with AmaGhana.net where she said her love for the “Baba" hitmaker was undying but she was not sure she will have the courage to confront him when they meet.

Speaking on the show, she said “Quamina MP is a fine gentleman and I love everything about him; his smile, his voice, his body, his laugh, and his eyes. But most of all, I'm in love

with him. It's gonna be a blast for me if I come into contact with him 'cos I can't even watch his face". From all indications, the beautiful and melodic singer is madly in love with Quamina.

Abna is a Takoradi-based singer under Original Movement (OM) Records and she is an afrobeats, high-life, and reggae-dancehall artist. She has released songs like Shaku, Girls Talk, Envy, and Money.

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