My Family Won't Allow Me To Marry A Cow Seller: Lady Seek Advice


A Nigerian Lady is seeking advice on what to do in her relationship, her family has said that they won't allow her to marry the man of her dreams.

She said that the man she wants to marry is a cow seller while she is a graduate. Her man lives in a rented apartment and doesn't have a car yet. 

And these are the reasons her family gave her when she asked why they are standing against their union.

She shared her story as a response to a post about getting parents blessings before one can get married.

In the post, Reno Omokiri advises that it is better for someone to receive blessing of their parents before they get married, even if those parents are evil.

Here is what she said.

Now, she does not know what to do. She wants to marry the man of her dreams but also wants her parents blessings.

No one has given her any advice yet. Please advice her. Share and follow.