How Father To One Of The 5 People Killled By Alcohol Tried To Wake His Son Up In Vain.

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Mzee Mungai

Jawatho village in Njoro, Nakuru County is in deep Mourning following the deaths of five people who allegedly took illicit brew on Saturday.

According to eye witnesses, the five complained of stomachache and headache before turning blind.

Mzee mungai who is father to Mike Kariuki talked to citizen TV on what transpired before and after the incident.

Mungai said that he came back home yesterday night and found his son sitted on a chair asleep.

He then tried to wake him up by shaking without success. Thinking that he was deeply drunk, he hoped to see him the following day.

Nevertheless, when the morning came, mzee Mungai was shocked to meet his son on the same spot he left him.

Upon shaking him again, there wasn't any response from the son. This is when it dawned on him that his son had died.

One of the survivors who spoke to the media revealed that he had taken the drink twice on Saturday and Sunday but now he has lost his eyesight.

The survivor

The policemen however have ruled out that the deaths were caused by alcohol but poisoning and complications.

"Two of the victims died of poisoning while two had complications" said the police who spoke to Citizen TV.

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