Here is how you can free yourself from spiritual spouses

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In Psalm 144: 78, the psalmist called to God to deliver him from wicked children, calamities, and great waters. "From the great waters" could in this context mean to achieve liberation from the powers of water and its strange children.

Having a child in the spiritual realm means for you that you are already married to a spiritual spouse. If you see a baby suckling on your breast in your dream, it is also a sign that you are spiritually married and have a child. He is a ghost who is responsible for marriage and sexual relations in the dream and the name of the demon responsible is called Ashmodi.

The mind has a male and a female version. The female version is called the succubus and is the demon who has sex with a sleeping man in his dream. She uses the face of his wife or someone close to him. The second is called Incubus and this is the male version that goes to sleep with a woman in his dream. This is because there was a bad marriage somewhere down the line.

These demons are related to the sea. If you have a dream and are married to a man / woman whose face you cannot see, you can be sure that there is spiritual spouse surgery in your life. the spiritual spouse and only when the wicked marriage is destroyed can you not be delivered. You will find it difficult to get married physically and the devil will prevent you from making your breakthrough.

For example, if you run away and get married, you will have a hard time having children. Some people find that while they sleep they breastfeed babies in their dreams. It is also a sign that they already have babies in their minds realm and this could affect their chances of having a baby. After counseling him, I told him to go pray and ask God to show him the secret of his life, which he did.

From then on he had a dream and saw a woman stroking and hugging a baby, after a while the woman started an affair with him and to refuse it, she got angry and asked him to take her away and leave, then woke up.When he told me about the dream, I told him that the woman he saw in his dream was his spiritual wife and that he already had a spiritual son with her.

You must first deal with spiritual issues before the royal children can manifest. She got him through a couple of rescue sessions and today he has four real children. Below are the different types of spiritual spouses.

The first is the unconscious spiritual spouse. In this case, the victim wakes up after the demon had sexual intercourse with his victim. getting up and not remembering anything that happened in the dream. Again, there is the semi-conscious spiritual spouse.

This type of spiritual spouse appears to its victims with the face of the victim's wife or husband. it is your biological spouse who appears to you. If you have dreams like this and see a close relative or loved one having sex with you, instead of praying and exposing the person, do not point your finger at the person you saw. behind him and you will be surprised to see the demon behind him.

This could also be likened to the situation whereby some demons use the face of your late relatives or loved one to talk to you in order to trust them and you will think that it is your loved one that is talking to you.

There is the third type of spirit spouse called multiple spirit spouse or polygamous spirit spouse, such spirit spouse comes with different faces or uses the faces of different people such as your uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, wife, parents, church members’ sleep with their victims.

.You will think those people are the ones doing the act and if care is not taken you could start avoiding them.Prayer Points:• Every soul tie connecting me to a spirit husband or wife, break!• Any power pretending to be my spouse in the dream, die!• Every wedding ring of the spirit spouse in my hand, in the name of Jesus, I remove it and I command it to catch fire!•

Every wedding certificate linking to a spirit husband/wife, in the name of Jesus, catch fire!• Anything planted into my body to seduce me by the spirit husband/wife, in the name of Jesus, catch fire!• Raise the fire of the Holy Spirit, incubate my body with your fire in the name of Jesus. • O God, stand up and repair any harm done to my body through the ministry of the spiritual spouse.

• Any evil power uses the face of a familiar person to sleep with me in my dream, die! Rev. John Okene Divine Touch Int'l Ministries.Warri, Delta Prayer Leadership: +2348135952623In this article John Okene

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