Lilian Muli Reveals That She Really likes Otile Brown


Resident television Moderator Lilian Muli has come out to uncover that she really likes artist Jacob Obunga nom de plume Otile Brown. In an inquiry and answer segment through her Instagram page, Lilian Muli came out freely that Otile Brown is the Kenyan Artist she really likes.

"Kuna time nishatamani kutoka kimapenzi na Lilian Muli," the line on that tune states.

From that time Lilian Muli has never remarked on really liking Otile as of recently.

She is hitched however not in that ideal amazing marriage set up. Lilian Muli who is a mother of two once came out slamming at her significant other portraying him as a local area spouse in the wake of deceiving charges.

" I'm authoritatively single and I will currently zero in on raising my young men. As individuals of note, we meet a wide range of individuals and most simply need prizes if you are not able to be cautious who you permit into your life don't go giving your heart to everybody.

Sociopaths will keep you ensnared in their trap of falsehoods and you will be one of their numerous casualties. At the point when you really accept somebody is consistent with you just to discover out they are local area spouses you are more secure moving to one side," part on a note composed by Lilian Muli read.

It is anyway accepted that they settled their disparities.

Then again, Otile Brown had a short illicit relationship with socialite Vera Sidika which finished in prime tears. Vera Sidika went to yell via online media posting all the screen captures of their discussion.

Otile Brown proceeded onward and now is dating an Ethiopian young lady called Nabayet while Vera Sidika is hitched to an artist, Brown Mauzo.


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