Meet The Popular Sharon Stone, She Is 63 Years Old

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Sharon Vonne Stone was born on 10th March, 1958 and that makes her a stunning 63 years old. She is an amazing actress, a movie producer and a former model. She has proudly and gracefully won 10 awards from 41 nominations including Golden Globe Award. In 2006, she traveled to Israel to help promote peace in the middle east.

She has acted in several amazing movies including; Basics Instincts, The Disaster Artist and The Laundromat. She is blessed with three amazing children which she adopted and they are constantly making her proud in all areas of life. You will agree with me that at 63, Sharon Stone still got the most amazing looks. She is a smart and brilliant woman and who has an amazing talent acting. She always has a brilliant smile on her face and she carries herself with grace and charisma. Check out these awesome photos of her below.

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