Why You Should Start Sleeping on the Floor Immediately, See the Benefits

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In the current world, sleeping on the floor has been characterized with poverty and suffering. What many people do not know is that the act of sleeping on the floor comes with a number of health benefits.

It is crazy how nowadays we demonize sleeping on the floor when our own forefathers slept on the floor their entire lives and never complained of back aches. And if sleeping on hard surface causes back pain then how come people with back pain are always advised to sleep on orthopedic mattresses which themselves are hard?

Let's open our brains and learn! Below are the benefits of sleeping on the floor


If you have an inexplicable backache, switch from the bed to the floor. Sleeping on the floor distributes your weight evenly allowing the muscles to stretch back to position.


Most people when they wake up, the struggle walking or maintaining a straight anthropoid posture. This includes when they wake up from their office chairs. They struggle to stretch because of a sharp backache. Simply switch to sleeping on the floor regularly, the pain will go away and your posture will improve. - Don't forget to go to the gym.

Sleeping on the floor realigns the spinal column to its natural position. The mattress on the other hand, hugs your spinal column hindering it from being in its natural position. A double therapy of the gym and sleeping on the floor will improve your posture when walking, sitting and standing.


One of the reasons why you get sleepless nights of tossing and turning is because the mattress has accumulated your body's heat. A heated mattress interferes with how your body system embraces sleep. Your sleep involves a series of autonomic nervous system mechanisms which can be interfered by body heat. Ever wondered why people who live in hot and humid environments prefer sleeping on the floor? Because the floor is cool.

Finally, when you sleep on the floor, do not use a pillow. Allow your body to appreciate its natural posture and form while sleeping. You can incorporate this life's hack of sleeping on the floor regularly.

We have abandoned what nature gave us for free to pursue what industries is selling to us. But at what cost?

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