Have you seen Ebuka and Tacha together Recently? Check out these photos

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Ebuka and Tacha met during the Bbnaija show about two years ago and since then they have maintained a good level of friendship. Few years back Tacha was one of the contestants of the show while Ebuka was the Bbnaija Presenter.

Tacha was supposed to win the show however she was disqualified after an altercation she had with a fellow housemates. When Tacha and Ebuka meet at public functions they sometimes take a photo or two together.

(Lovely people: Ebuka and Tacha)

Below are recent photos of Ebuka and Tacha together during a photoshoot.

(Ebuka Uchendu looking like a true gentleman on Suit as he posed for a photoshoot with Tacha in a milky gown with a touch of orange.)

(Beautiful photo of Ebuka Uchendu with Symply Tacha)

(Tacha looking excited as she raises two fingers up during her outdoor Photoshoot with Ebuka.)

(Ebuka looking thrilled as he smiles for the camera while posing for a beautiful photo with Tacha.)

This couple really looks good together in this photo, too bad Ebuka is already married. Anyway we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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