High Demand Careers that Guarantee Instant Employment after Graduation


Several years back, education used to be the key to success. However, the old adage has lost its meaning in the current times due to high levels of unemployment in the country.

People have opted to look for other means of meeting their needs, which don't match their professional qualifications.

So, which careers highly guarantee instant employment after graduation.

Graduate Teachers

In order for one to be employed by TSC or PSC, you'll be required to have be TSC compliant with a TSC number. Graduate Teachers are employed by TSC on the basis of first out first in.

The requirements can be obtained from https://www.tsc.co.ke

Medical Practitioners and Nurses

Probably the most lucrative course in the country and globally. Medical Practitioners are always in need due to the high demand of healthy living.

The range of professionals in this field range from Pharmacy to Surgeons.

Technical Related Courses

For persons who have lower grades and are unlucky to join the university, they can pursue technical Related Careers like Masonry, Mechanic, Electrical wiring, Hairdressing, Catering, among others.

The benefit of the courses is that one is able to be self employed without a heavy reliance in being employed.

Kenya Defence Force and Police Service

The KDF and Police Service Commission conducts recruitment annually, which is followed by months of intensive training.

One can join the KDF as a cadet, special forces, or recruit depending on the level of performance.

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