Artist encourages everyone to get skillful

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An artist, Aliyu Alewo Solomon Jibrin, from Kogi State has used his God-given talent to pass a message to some idle youths.He titled it:


(A Linguist-turned-artist)

Do you mock me for picking up a career in art after many years of struggles in the university studying a different course?

Think well my people. When your CERTIFICATE is rendered useless by "those above you," activate your SABIFICATE and add value to your life and the society at large. Drop your #10 (Ten Naira) ego and be humble for once.

Haven't you seen someone who read Electrical Engineering run a laundry service? What about some graduates who ride motorcycles or drive taxicabs? What about graduates of medicine in barbershops?

My point is this: the situation surrounding your success should not scare you away from attaining it. Learn a skill today and double your CERTIFICATE with your SABIFICATE; forget about what people may say. Don't fake your life!

That skill may pave way for a better job if that is your wish or destiny.

Barrister #NATASHA AKPOTI, thanks for being my muse. I am glad this portrait of yours marks the climax of my profession in ART.

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