4 surprising reasons you might be waking up tired

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Do you keep fighting yourself over the snooze button in the morning, inept of making a decision before finally giving in and going for it? And when you finally wake up, does it seem like you weren' t even asleep? You feel like a zombie- not asleep yet somehow not fully awake and alert.

Here' s a list of the reasons you might be waking up tired


GERD stands for Gastro- Esophageal Reflux Disease or in simple terms, acid reflux. Nearly 25% of individuals who experience interrupted sleep suffer from nocturnal heartburn. This occurs when the digestive acids from the stomach get pushed into the esophagus.

This causes a severe burning sensation in the chest cavity and throat, and sometimes even mouth. Under normal conditions, the contents of the stomach remain in there because of gravity.


Do you usually have to wake up from deep sleep to visit the loo?

Does it happen more than once during the night? If yes, then you are not alone.

Nearly 1/3rd of the population aged between 55 and 84 suffer from this condition of excessive night- time urination called as Nocturia.

Alcohol before bed

The next time to head for a glass of wine to get a nice buzz before you fall asleep, think again.

While on the surface, it might help you feel intoxicated and fall asleep faster, but that doesn' t guarantee that the quality of sleep you get would be any good.

In fact, alcohol is one of the biggest disrupters of REM state sleep. REM sleep is when our long- term memories are formed.

This phase of sleep is supposed to have restorative effects on our brain. Alcohol consumption frequently interferes with our REM state sleep.

Electronic stimulations

Who amongst us isn' t guilty of using their laptops, tablets, or smartphones till late in the night, sometimes till the crack of the dawn?

High chances are that you are currently reading this article in a similar manner.

Sleeping with laptops, tabs, and a phone is a common sight. We are continuously " wired- in" to the internet.

Remaining plugged in- be it to send important work emails or just to binge on Netflix shows- is an inevitable part of our lives.

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