Story of 8-Year-Old Girl Who Was Repeatedly Defiled By Her Father, Became Mother to Her Sisters

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Certain children are compelled to develop rapidly due to circumstances, and a tale Lynn Ngugi discussed on her show with a lady named Gladys Wanjiku Njeri highlighted how an eight-year-old girl endured the worst at such a young age.

Gladys was distributing food with a certain organization in the Korogocho slums when she came upon a family consisting of a single father and three daughters. Gladys' eldest daughter was eight years old at the time, and one of her neighbors informed her that the youngster had reportedly been sexually molested by their father.

Gladys rushed her to the hospital, where tests revealed that the girl had been routinely penetrated from the front and behind. When questioned, the child claimed that her father used to rape her on a daily basis and warned her not to tell anyone.

Apart from performing "wifely" tasks for her father, the girl was also compelled to become a mother to her two younger siblings due to her position as the eldest and their mother's absence. She washed them and fed them if they were fortunate enough to receive food during the day, as their father was constantly absent. He'd go in the morning without regard to what they ate and return inebriated in the evening.

Gladys reported the man to the authorities, and he has since been convicted. She chose to adopt the three girls and take on the role of the mother they never had. They are now enjoying a better quality of life as a result of her treatment.

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