Besigye Sends a Worrying Message Leaving Museveni's Administration in a Limbo


Since the outbreak of corona virus in Uganda and entire world.Living standards of most citizens have changed,many have lost jobs even lives.Most of common commodities prices have hiked to hamper the situations.Countries ended up getting assistance from other countries and well wishes such as World bank.

Besigye has come up with fresh claims about the state of Museveni's administration. Besigye has disclosed that the government of Uganda has a big debt which was siphoned by high profile leaders.He has claimed that,most of Ugandans debt have been used with the ruling government to spent in the regime-survival projects.He has added that,the Uganda debt repayment will be impossible because of the opulent consumption.He has cautioned Museveni's administration to stop misusing the debt they acquire.

Besigye said"It’s not so much the high debt level as debt misuse:A big part of Ug’s debt is stollen by NRM or Museveni; spent in regime-survival projects & opulent consumption; making debt repayment impossible."

Besigye added"It’s Odious debt because lenders know all this!"Most of African countries has been suffering due to large debt causing the price of Common commodities hike.