'' Uhuru Won't Campaign For You'' Murathe Drops a Shocker Message to Raila

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David Murathe has made it clear that Uhuru Kenyatta will not campaign for Raila Odinga in the upcoming August 9th polls rather he will only focus on his legacy. Murathe is clear those who are expecting Uhuru to hit the campaign trail for Raila Odinga are wasting their time for such will not happen.

David Murathe is clear Raila Odinga and Martha Karua are the one's on the ballot hence they must fight hard to win the August 9th polls. He is clear Uhuru Kenyatta is ready to handover power to William Ruto of Raila Odinga, just whoever who wins the polls.

Murathe who is a confidante of Uhuru Kenyatta is clear Raila Odinga must be on his own and seek for his own votes if he doesn't want to regret. He is clear the president doesn't want an embarrassing situation if the deputy President William Ruto happens to win the August 9th.

This informs why President Uhuru Kenyatta has kept off politics and instead focused on issues his track record as he prepared to handover power to Ruto or Raila whoever wins the August 9th polls. The president doesn't want to be seen like he is antagonizing his deputy William Ruto who also stands a better chance to win the August 9th polls.

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